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The Pro-Q range aimed at clients with sustainability at the forefront of their agenda, whilst also prioritising performance. Made from UK recycled polymer at our premises in Hertfordshire, this trademarked brand of products combines a low carbon footprint whilst achieving professional quality.


Black and Clear standard products incorporate 100% recycled, low-density polyethylene from ethical sources.

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Product 100% recyclable
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Sanicare® bin liners offer a hygienic solution for the disposal of sanitary waste products. The liners incorporate Biomaster® anti-microbial product protection which is proven to reduce the bacterial levels on the liners by up to 99.9%. The addition of a Floral scented additive helps to suppress any unpleasant odours that may exist.

Biomaster® antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria by utilising the antimicrobial action of silver reducing the ability of bacteria to multiply. The active ingredient in Biomaster® cannot leach or wash out and lasts for the lifetime of the product. The liners are supplied in convenient rolls of 25 (10 rolls per box) and will fit most industry standard 30-35 litre bins.

PMC Sanicare bin liner
PMC Innovation Biosac


Biosac® caddy bin liner and sack range made from corn starch and other plant extracts which enable the hygienic collection and disposal of food waste in both residential and commercial kitchens.

Certified compostable and biodegradable by the European standard for packaging; EN 13432 they carry the HOME compostable seedling logo and are approved for use with council food waste recycling schemes.

The bags are easily broken down into water, CO2 and residual organic carbon (compost) leaving no residues to contaminate the environment. Within 14 days, the bag should degrade down by 55% and 97% after 45 days if disposed of in the correct conditions, so you can be confident they will decompose in home or industrial composting facilities.

We are proud to have provided plastic bag solutions made to the highest standards and performance to our customers since 1989.

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